Success in recovery from a pathology or surgery may require the implementation of a specific and individualized rehabilitation program to accelerate patient recovery in a safe and effective manner.

The rehabilitation is prescribed based on rehabilitation protocols with the maximum scientific evidence available, following the guidelines of clinical practice, adapted to each patient according to their clinical situation, and in coordination with the different doctors and specialists, who refer us to their patients. Patients for the experience, professionalism, confidence and pursuit of the excellence in the attention and care of the patient by the professional, with a human and close treatment, to assure the maximum quality of assistance to our patients.

From the Rehabilitation Service, the patient is treated in its entirety through the proper modalities of rehabilitation and physiotherapy more adequate and advanced for each pathology, according to their clinical situation, to achieve their maximum physical, functional and quality of life recovery .

Physiotherapy treatment is performed individually, according to therapeutic objectives adapted to each patient and their clinical situation.

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