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In addition to the functional recovery of people with various conditions, rehabilitation (RHB) is also aimed in many cases to establish a prevention program before the pathology occurs, stimulating the implementation of specific exercise program and healthy lifestyles, In order to provide the maximum well-being and quality of life possible.

Since its inauguration in 2007, the new Hospital Quirón Barcelona has the Extended Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Service, and with experience in all the subspecialties of Rehabilitation to attend to all patients who can benefit from such treatment, as patients suffering from pain of Back, shoulder, sports RHB, osteoarthritis, urinary incontinence, stroke sequelae, cardiorespiratory rehabilitation, …
Patients are treated at a leading center in the sector by specialized and highly qualified physicians and physiotherapists, and with the help of the latest technology to accelerate the process and achieve maximum patient recovery.

dra. Silvia Ramón

Director del Servicio de rehabilitación.

Médico especialista en Medicina Física y rehabilitación.

Sr. Miki Marín


Especialista en fisioterapia deportiva.

Sr. Fernando Vidiella

Jefe de Fisioterapia.

Sra. Maria Angeles Enguita


Especialista en Osteopatía.

Dra. Rocío unzurrunzaga

Médico adjunto a Dirección del Servicio de Rehabilitación Hospital Quirón Barcelona.

Médico especialista en Medicina Física y Rehabilitación.

Sra. Rosa Teixido


Especialista en Fisioterapia del suelo pélvico y rehabilitación cardíaca.

Dr. Jorge Gonzalez

Médico especialista en Medicina Física y Rehabilitación.


Dra. Silvia Ramón

Director of the service

Dra. Rocío Unzurrunzaga

Dra. Carme Gelabert

Physiotherapy service

Ferran physiotherapist

Miki physiotherapist

Albert badosa

Lorena paino

Miki Marin

Rafael alcover

joan carles alemany

rosa teixido

Carlos salvo

Mª angeles enguita

montse verges

nieves lama

elena morales

joan bosch


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