The rate of permanent childhood disability in Spain is 19 per thousand; and 2 in every 100 children have some type of disability (INE 1987; Regidor 1995).

Child rehabilitation is a subspecialty of rehabilitation which allocates all the available resources (human, scientific and technical) in order to provide maximum autonomy, the best possible quality of life, and social and familial reintegration to children affected by diseases that cause disability during childhood.

It is a challenge that combines normal childcare and the best rehabilitation strategies, understanding that a child is not a miniature adult (Christopher 1998)

The most common pathologies treated at the Quirón Rehabilitation service are:

  1. Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and/or sports pathologies: ankle sprains, traumatisms, etc. (see section on musculoskeletal rehabilitation)
  2. Congenital torticollis, which has an incidence rate of 1 in every 250 births. Early diagnosis and rehabilitative treatment is essential to avoid the structuring of the retraction of the sternocleidomastoid and the persistence of the torticollis, which is at 20% and is associated with asymmetry at 25%. The objective of stretching the contracted sternocleidomastoid, as well as the rules for positioning the child within the family.
  3. Respiratory rehabilitation: this is beneficial in different chronic respiratory ailments, such as bronchiolitis obliterans, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia…
  4. Scoliosis: this is a deformity of the spine that can be functional (due to malposition) or structural (idiopathic, congenital or acquired). The objective of rehabilitation is early diagnosis and keeping the curve controlled during the child’s growth, especially during their development, unless it is a curve that requires surgery.

After an assessment by the rehabilitation doctor, a diagnosis of the pathology is established, the specific rehabilitation treatment required and the therapeutic objectives are reported and agreed with the family, as well as coordinated with other specialists (traumatology, neurology, urology…) if required.


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